Making lil websites
w my frens for you.

I'm Aikman - a layout designer for websites, I've made webpages for Kimbel, RevUnit, Rockfish, & WilShar.

I made this site to put together a collage of resources to help you with your site!

The most important piece of design.

ppl ask me, Do y'all make
every website
from scratch?

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How we help one another.

Each person who helps out w this site has a totally different background & set of experiences.
That's so important to who we are.

All of us work on websites together, & consistently publish articles on how new web developers can create beautiful sites of their own - completely free.

Social media vs print? Your website can do more.

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Physical store? We can get you on Maps.
When people find your store from Maps,
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even a collage of photos you pick out.

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Having honest reviews is epinephrine to your business.
Helping your best costumers find & give their own reviews of your business is essential.

What else? Ask our friends at DataLifts, we haven't even covered analytics on your website!

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