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Housing dev works from forever.scg, leasj, and tybed.

[small-medium size]

[private or commercial]


iPhone & Android

   Fall 2015, fully in-house, phone apps launched on the Windows store.
18,000 devices.

   Our start in the app developer industry, we now have worked for private business expanding to iOS and Android.

   We still continue our commercial roots, creating niche tools to help users in empty patches of the app stores.

Small-Business Apps    Resell or License    Server & Database   

   Competitive companies are on the web. In early 2017, a number of our sites began to pickup half a million visits every month.
   We developed our own analytics software. It's fast, compact, and can run anywhere (contrast large analytics companies).

   Now our analytics package competes with large analytics companies and still gives the data directly to our customers.

Live Count    Location    JavaScript    Async    No-Impact-Loading    Excel Export   

   Hacking, 2014. From outdated ActiveX objects to poorly protected Windows AD, we got our start by breaking security.
   The industry climate at the time of appreciating reported breaches gave us our first break.

   Security is our blood; that continues in our development work today.

Cryptography    SC/IG Direct Msg    LDAP/Active Directory    VBS + ActiveX   

   Cryptocurrencies became a household oddity from '17-'18. The rise and fall of BitCoin seen in nearly every livingroom, globally.

   We created an extremely popular tool for crypto traders nearly half a year before the exponential growth of BitCoin and Ethereum helping traders worldwide track from the bubble, to the crash, till the present.

Foreign Ex    ReactJS    TradingView    Currency Exchanges   

   Both of us, forever.scg (security+dev), leasj (finance+analytics), took advantage of all the free tools and classes available for programmers today.

   We are commited to releasing many of our projects on the open-source communities. Internal stenographies, archives, plain-language tutorials.

   Developers power developers.

C# DotNet    TypeScript>JS    Angular / Ionic    HTML5 Canvas    MySQL or MSSQL   

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pretty sights

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