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What should I expect?

After designing your website, we can help buy a .com name that represents your brand.
Once purchased, you need "hosting" - a monthly fee for maintaining your site on the internet.
We provide quality hosting for a bunch of websites providing competitive pricing.

Can I get a job making
websites w PrettySights.

You definitely can! We're usually hiring. Do you write C#, SQL, CSS, or JS? I can help you find a home here or at any of our qualified partners.

Can I partner w you guys or smth?

Yes! If you love any sort of design you're just about qualified.
Twitter: forever_scg

If you're an individual, take some time to check out our current partners like Finance:MCC, Servers:SMPR, or Web:VSAD. I work with them to design games, sites, & even financial reports.

If you represent a team, e-mail me asking about a "distributed partnership" with PrettySights or a qualifed partner listed above.

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