How long does
a website take?
Question 1/5

It takes 2 - 3 days!

Fully customized web pages need colors, pictures, & wording that is special + unique for you.

It takes a little time to get to know you - how you want to represent your business.

After that, we will make a few different renditions of your brand as a website in 2 to 3 days. Pick out your favorite & launch or tailor it to your heart's content!

Don't worry - we can make it quicker.

Keeping your skills sharp means my job is my hobby too. You can look through many of the designs I make in my spare time. If you'd like, we can start from one of those, helping you get on the web even faster!

How does having
a site benefit me?
Question 2/5

Reward your hard work.

Having honest reviews is epinephrine to your business.
Helping your best costumers find & give their own reviews of your business is essential.

What else? Ask our friends at DataLifts, we haven't even covered analytics on your website!

Get published (Apple & Google Maps)!

Physical store? We can get you on Maps.
When people find your store from Maps,
they can see hours, reviews, -
even a collage of photos you pick out.

How much will it cost?
Question 3/5

Our options for pricing.

When I worked for other companies, we always were reminded: people don't like to go through many pages to find what they need.

If you can, make your site one page.
Your visitors will truly thank you.

A single webpage
tailored for your brand: $900.

A single webpage
fully custom built for your brand: $1,400.

Multiple webpages
fully custom built for your brand: $5,000.

Is every website
made from scratch?
Question 4/5

A little story,

I started PrettySights after trying many different online website builders. Not one helped me easily create beautifully unique web designs.

So with a few great programmers, we committed to always create each page individually!

Is that still true for our $900 offer? Absolutely! If we make a page & tailor it for you; it is yours to keep. We will not change it up to sell to someone else.

Have your websites
helped other businesses?
Question 5/5

Our secret sauce,

We work best because we share information & teach eachother new techniques we discover.
It's our job to find sustainable ways of creating great, long-lasting websites.

A really good example is LEAP NWA a charity organization in NW Arkansas for community outreach.

They offered strong opinions on the look & feel of their site. We were so proud to deliever their site & remain a close friend of theirs.